The Greys:


Since the primary species involved is that of the Greys, we will concentrate on that species. Over the last several years , researchers have unearthed plenty of evidence that:

·      The United States made one or more agreements with a species described as the tall Greys, and has agreed not to interfere with alien operational plans in trade for technology. Agreements made In 1934, 1964, and 1972.

·      The large Greys use smaller cloned big-headed Greys to perform abduction and examination work. It is these Greys that abductees see most of the time.

·      The Grey clones are also performing biological work which necessitates the termination of various species on the surface of the Earth, which is not governed or protected under the treaty made with the US government. Underground installations are the only sovereign areas under the treaty.

·      Biological products are gathered for other genetic work, which includes cloning, DNA enrichment, and cross-breeding with human beings.

·      Researchers will recall that the disk that crashed in 1947 at Roswell, New Mexico had several reptilian species on board, as well as the body parts and clothing of several Army-Air Force officers.

     The Grey clones are abducting human females, both temporarily and permanently, and using them for cross-breeding in order to produce a new hybrid species that does not have the inherent genetic weaknesses of the Grey species. Research indicates that this cross-breeding is somewhat successful, and that some of the alien species that have been seen by humans are a direct result of the success of the program.

·      The Grey species in general is more on the order of an electronically based space society with a common social memory complex that allows them to collectively function as areas of group-mind. Groups of Greys are controlled from one central source being, usually one of the large Greys, a Blond humanoid, or other dominant species.

·      The Greys also maintain the technology to create clones and implant memory from another source into the clones. Implantation technology, a trademark of Orion-based species, is routinely used as a method of social control. The United States government, specifically agencies like the CIA and the NSA, have undertaken to develop parallel technology which is a direct result of cooperation and interaction with extraterrestrial biological entities. All these methods of control are domination based and counterproductive to evolvement of individual beings.

·      For the Greys, the main motivation for the genetic work with humans is the survival of the Grey species, which is genetically damaged. Travel outside the 3rd dimension also bridges the human concept of time. Some species, such as the Essessani, claim that they are the result of hybrid genetics that are being performed at this time. We’re seeing a lot of hybrid species, as well as species in different stages of their own evolution.

·      The Grey species is not based on individualization or being an individual entity. For entities maintaining a group mind set ( social memory complex ), individualization seems to cause a great deal of random energy loss. They were initially fascinated both with human individuality and the human emotional spectrum, which they can perceive but apparently do not comprehend what it means ( to the human ). They do understand the concept of bonding, but only intellectually in terms of bonding ( between human mother/ovum source and an alien cross-breed child ) that will serve to contribute to the survival of the cross-breed. They recognize the need for it in the child in terms of survival. The Grey mind-set and abilities/weaknesses will be discussed later in this work.

·      Species objectives appear to be founded on a rigid domination survival-based social order, where their “religion” is science, their social structure is geared to obedience and duty, their military concepts are grouped around conquest, colonization, and domination through covert mind control programs.

·      The way the Greys seem to locate subjects for their work is more or less a result of their efforts to find human entities who vibrate in resonance ( or a harmonic thereof ) to their vibrational complex. One of the human aspects that promotes this resonance is fear, which almost amounts to permission from the Grey standpoint.

·      It has become apparent that abductees are also being trained on alien equipment for some future time. Researchers have pegged that time between 1990 and 1996, based on regression sessions involving hundreds of abductees over the course of several years. No clinical success has been achieved in pegging exact dates, due to the strength and level of the mental block which is imposed on the abductee. Very often memory blocks are tied in with the survival instinct of the human, which makes the block extremely hard to penetrate.

·      The Grey species can tolerate radioactivity at levels humans cannot stand. The apparent reason for this involves species exposure to a nuclear interchange in the distant past which promoted degradation of their genetic structure. This aspect is noted in terms of where the Greys frequent in the United States, especially base areas, which are near nuclear facilities, waste storage, etc. Animal mutilations are highest in these areas also. A connection? Yes.

·      Most atomic structure in this localized sector of the universe maintains an clockwise spin. For some reason, the Greys/EBE’s are sensitive to materials with a counterclockwise spin. It has been stated by some researchers that sugar and the AIDS virus have a relationship with left-hand spin material.

Note: When one of the Greys dies, its implant serves as a focusing device for retrieval of the body. There have been several cases where Greys have died in front of witnesses and the bodies have been ‘beamed’ away.

Grey Objectives

Their religion, as it were, is science. They appear to divide this into physical, spiritual and sociological objectives in terms of planets they invade and dominate, as they have dominated Earth for thousands of years. Their basic game appears to be to use nullification and domination to control the leaders of various targeted civilizations.
They accomplish this by taking out the leaders and replacing them with entities they can control.

The Earth
This planet is somewhat unique in that it has a broad spectrum of entities existing on many different density levels. Aliens who have a motivation for conquering a planet such as Earth locate beings who vibrate in resonance with their vibrational frequency, which is on a negative level of spirituality. The people that the Greys influence are commonly told that they are the ‘elite’ or ‘chosen ones’ that will rule. Earth is not under the vested control of any major group of aliens, despite the Greys, but is being victimized by a number of vested interest groups. Things are only peaceful and calm when someone is is absolute control.

The function of the ‘elite’ humans, as far as the Greys are concerned, are to decimate portions of the human population so that the remainder can be easily controlled. Hitler is a prime example.

Apparent Social Structure
The social structure of the different Grey species seems to be geared around their group memory complex. Abductees often relate that when they are in the midst of a group of Greys, they all seem to respond together, to one degree or another, when one of them responds. Much information has been gleaned from various communication efforts with these entities. We’re learning about them.

The main operative in their social structure is obedience and duty, and it has become apparent that there are definite hierarchies within their social structures which provide for each entity having specific duties to perform.

One byproduct of their social memory complex is that any kind of decision takes a while to make, since none of the clones seem to have the innate ability to act independently of the other cloned species. This social structure has no room for “surprises”, and the “best laid plans of mice and men can be totally wrecked if it comes into contact with anything outside its operational context.

The tall Greys seem to be less prone to the frailties of the system than do the smaller Greys.

Grey Strategies and Operations
Let this outline serve as a means of introducing the extra-systemic entities known as the Greys. The presence of the Greys is not a new phenomenon. There is sufficient evidence to show that the blond race of EBE forced them off the planet around 1051AD. They have returned.

Interaction between any two species can, on a different level, be viewed as sort of a contest or Game; all games vary in goal and purpose. The Greys are playing a Game with us - the game of Master and Slave. Humans are the Slaves. The Greys are the Players and humans are the Pieces. In order to become true Players and leave the playing field, humans must learn the rules of the Game. They must learn all the hidden rules - rules that the Greys keep hidden from Other Players that are observing the Game; these Other Players refrain from direct interference, but apparently prefer to give assistance on mental levels.

The various species of EBE generally referred to as the Greys are composed of entities which cover a broad spectrum of awareness and density.

The basic game of the Reticulans, who operate primarily at 4th density, is to use nullification and domination to control the leaders of civilizations targeted. They accomplish this by taking the leaders and replacing them with their own entities who resemble the leaders taken.

Military operations of the Reticulan species consist of colonization of unprotected civilizations for the purpose of setting up logistical supply depots, slave sources, and acquisition of potential allies.

The exercise of domination and enslavement of planetary populations is expressed as service to self" ( as opposed to “service to others“) and creates power for that group. Inherent in “service to self” is a rapid dissipation of the power of the civilization, due to the downward spiraling which is always the result of Games of Negativity and Limitation.

The atrophied state of mind these games induce contributes toward the disintegration of their social memory complex and group consciousness.

The Earth is somewhat unique in that it has a broad spectrum of beings of several density levels and race-types. It is inhabited inside, outside, and in the atmosphere in thousands of hidden little pockets and time-stream projections.

The process of conquering a planet involves location of beings that vibrate in resonance with their vibrational frequency. These located beings are then told that they are the Elite or Chosen Ones who will conquer or lead the human race and rule the world for their Grey masters. Often the located beings are physically taken aboard craft and given physical examinations, provided with implants, given accelerated data through inculcation methods that will help them serve the Greys.

The function of an Elite is to decimate portions of its own race in an effort to reduce populations to manageable limits so the remainder can be easily controlled. The Nazi-Jew scenario is a good example of the Grey modus operandi. They also controlled the Imperial Japanese Empire and are generally responsible for most aggression between human groupings on the planet.

Humans have generally been deceived into playing victim-games of negativity, self-limitation, self-denigration and destruction. The games that the Greys are trying to enforce are games of co-version and secrets, as well as hidden standards.

All activities are conducted on a “playing field” which is limited by the attention span and the scope of awareness of the Players.

Military Operations

Colonization of unprotected civilizations which are unaligned with any other group in space. They use planets for supply depots, slave sources, and biological materials. The exercise of domination and the enslavement of planetary populations is expressed as Service to Self (as opposed to Service to Others). It creates power for their group, but inherent in this process is a rapid dissipation of power in that civilization due to the limitations imposed by the games of limitation and negativity enforced on the popularity.

According to what research has revealed, there are certain methods and plans that have underscored the literal invasion of Earth by various Orion based species.

Typical scenarios might be:

1.    The target planet is time-tabled for invasion.


2.    The base station is moved within range.1
1. Interestingly enough. It appears that there is a reptilian-based Orion scenario going on as well, with reports in the New York and London news of an approaching planetoid, due here 1990-92.


3.    Long range telemetry devices are sent forth for surveillance to ascertain the level of development of the civilization and whether or not they have become a social-memory-complex (this could be defined as an aware society)

4.    Upon establishing that the planetary civilization has yet to align into a proper social memory complex (its members being aware that they are aware, with aligned purposes, goals, and programs) covert operations move in with intelligence and science teams to begin an in-depth study of the planet.

5.    Large electronic communication devices are placed in orbit or hidden on or under the surface. These devices operate on the level of mental or emotional wavelengths. When a being is attuned to the typical Orion wavelength (they resonate to service to self) or “prays for help to his God", there are computers that answer those calls with pre-recorded messages which appear to the lesser aware being as divinely inspired messages from a deity or angels.

6.    Leaders are approached with population control programs or solutions to survival-related problems. Leaders are convinced that they represent “an Elite“ group that has been chosen “by God” to rule the populace for the good of God’s empire. Look at any theocratic country on Earth and you can see this.

7.    In the event that the leaders are hostile, emphasis is switched to the masses in order to evoke replacement of planetary rule with “elite” from the masses (who are controlled by off-planet forces).

Apparent reasons for Orion Based Operations

In accordance with “service to self” philosophy, goals are sought that will achieve more power for the “elite” or ruling class; it is important that more and more slaves be made, so that the psychic energy can be drawn off to feed the madness of the “power elite”. Domination and nullification is the basis of the game of struggle and conquest.

It is a stable datum to negative Orion based groups that empires can only be built and maintained on the backs of broken “game-pieces”, and oiled by the blood, sweat, and tears of “worthless entities too decayed to be useful for any other tasks” and too rebellious to trust in more cooperative ventures. 

Primary Physical Characteristics of the Grey Entities

The big-headed Grey is the most commonly seen of the species by human beings. The evidence seems to indicate that they are subservient to the taller Greys, which seem in many cases to be monitoring what the smaller ones are doing. Research indicates that these smaller Greys are clones that collectively possess an electronically monitored and controlled social memory complex that allows them to function effectively in a group-mind mode. They do not have distinct individuality, as the larger Greys seem to have. The approximate height of the big-headed Grey is 3.5 to 4.5 feet tall, and according to autopsy results gained between 1951 and 1978, they have an average weight of about 40 pounds.

The proportions of the head to the body are similar to a human five month fetus. This clearly seems to reflect a very ancient nature as a species as well as the fact that their DNA patterns lie within a specific band that is on a more primitive scale.

Species skin tone variation seems to be widespread, with skin colors ranging from bluish grey to beige, tan, brown or white. There are other factors which appear to affect skin color, and one of them is the state of general health of the entity. Skin color is known to change after they have consumed nourishment.

There are no reproductive organs or reproductive capability with the cloned species. The larger Greys apparently have some vestigial reproductive capability, and some of the hybrid species that have been cross bred with the reptilian species have full reproductive capability. The brain capacity is estimated to be between 2500 and 3500 cc, compared to 1300 cc for the average human. Due to the cloning process, the neural matter is artificially grown brain matter, and the Greys have known technology that enables them to insert memory patterns and consciousness into clones in any matter or pattern that they wish.

The Greys consume nourishment through a process of absorption through their skin. The process, according to abductees who have witnessed it, involves spreading a biological slurry mixture that has been mixed with hydrogen peroxide ( which oxygenates the slurry and eliminates bacteria ) onto their skin. Waste products are then excreted back through the skin. Many abductees have noted that the Greys have a distinct series of odors, many of them appear to be similar to a mentholated cinnamon smell.

The larger Greys have a more pronounced nose and are more human in appearance. According to some government sources, these extraterrestrial biological entities called themselves the EBAN. It is with the larger Greys that elements of the government made a series of diplomatic agreements in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70's.

It might be noted at this point that we are not really dealing with “superior” beings on an evolutionary scale when we are speaking about the Greys. They and their various cloned offspring should be considered as a life-form. Their technology is what gives them a temporary superiority. An interesting comparison to the Grey species is the dolphin, which is an intelligent species which has a group consciousness shared through telepathic means. The dolphin brain is some 65 million years ahead of the human brain in cortical development, yet the dolphins maintain a social structure that is totally without tools and devices. The variations seem endless.

Reproduction Process

Innumerable witnesses have confirmed the presence of underground facilities that the Greys use for breeding. These facilities, of which Dulce is the most famous, provide for genetic work of all descriptions. Humans are brought to these facilities on a continuing basis in order to provide a genetic pool from which to extract DNA and RNA mixtures that will contribute toward the efforts of the Grey species to strengthen their genetic structure.

Cloned species have a distinct disadvantage, in that the cloning process provides for increased DNA replication failure. It is thought by many that the Grey DNA structure is so degraded that the species is functioning on more of an RNA basis. With RNA replication there is no cross-checking capability during cell reproduction.

Biological Materials and Animal Mutilations

The Greys secure biological raw materials from life-forms on Earth for their genetic work. So many researchers state that the aliens are doing genetic “experiments”. They are not playing around - they know exactly what they’re doing, and it is more like a “labor of love” than experimentation. The animal mutilations provide, when reduced in the lab, DNA, RNA and other materials, as well as different kinds of tissue. Tissue extracts taken from cattle intestine, for examine, are absorption-based tissue. Other tissues excrete hormonal substances.

Artificial brain matter is grown in containers or vats that appear to be electronically stimulated. In some cases, humans are killed and tossed into the vats. In two cases, dead humans have been seen floating in vats right next to the body parts of cattle. Human mutilations appear to be less obvious than cattle mutilations, although both still continue to this day.

Other concepts Regarding the Greys as Essentially Positive or Neutral Ones

Of the more interesting scenarios that exists regarding the Greys is one that has several components that:

1.    Assign then the role of “caretaker” of the human species.
This scenario is in direct opposition to many of the other scenarios regarding the Greys, but it does have a lot of points that deserve attention. Within this role, the Greys seem to be performing several sub-tasks:

a.    Analyzing selected human gene sequences (through multi-generational abductions of human family lines having a specific genetic sequential format)

b.    Periodically rearranging the genetic coding in specific humans in order to create new genotypes within the human species. Some researchers have stated that this has been done more than 60 times since the human species was created over 260,000 years ago. A major genetic shift occurred about 30,000 years ago - right at the same time that the Neanderthals mysteriously vanished. This is an example of a “gross” change. The changes that the Greys are implementing and researching now appear to be more subtle (but no less far-reaching) ones.

2.    Assign them the role of “preservers of life-forms” relative to this planet.

Several types of activity seem to be sub-tasks under this role:

a.    The gathering, sampling and analysis of various life-forms on the planet. Research has already established that the Greys, amongst others, have been constantly performing this function, which seems to be related to constant checking of status.

b.    Gathering of life-forms from the planet prior to a geological upheaval. Upheavals of various nature have occurred again and again through different successive “waves” of civilization on the planet.


3.    Acknowledges the fact that the Greys are cross-breeding with human beings in an attempt to re-vitalize the genetic structure of their species.

Any species faced with their genetic dissolution would do the same if their technology could accommodate the process. This activity has been going on for a long time and has produced many generations of cross-breeds. These crossbreeds are potentially more superior in function that either humans or Greys.

Parallel Evolution as reflected in Humans and Greys 

First of all, many individuals have seen breeding labs, both underground and on spacecraft. In those labs, Grey fetuses can be seen. Those fetuses have heads that are “out of proportion” to their body as compared to humans.

It is interesting to note that human heads are getting larger as health care and other facilities permit greater fetal development at an earlier age - more and more births require a Caesarean section. Heads are generally moving toward being too large for the birth canal.

Down the road, humans will no longer be capable of giving birth in the normal way. Fetal heads will be too big for the birth canal and the pelvis of the human to accommodate.

What will humans do then? Artificial wombs?

The idea was brought out on the cover of Life magazine in 1965 - the equipment looks similar to the artificial womb equipment used by the Greys. Moving toward an artificial womb situation would avoid the problems and limitations placed on brain development in an enclosed womb. It also opens the door to artificial selection and genetic engineering, which are being pursued now in the wake of human genome research and sampling of amniotic fluid to tell whether the fetus is diseased or malformed. A Grey fetus and human fetus look the same. It is pretty certain that brains and skulls evolve toward a larger size.

Is this a universal problem that every species must eventually deal with?

Indications are that it may be just that. It is the reason that the Greys are using human females to bear their young during the first 90 days - the physiology of the Grey female no longer allows them that convenience. Indications are that the Greys place great importance on their children - the future of their race, and have demonstrated an interest in human emotions relative to “mothering” and human relationships to children.

Questions That Still Need Resolving

1.    If the Greys are in fact caretakers of humans on Earth, what is their real relationship with the Reptilian humanoids which are known to be dominant over them and known to consume humans?

2.    How do we explain the fact that the Greys are involved in the stockpiling of humans (including children) for use as a food source for the Reptilian species (and as a lesser food source for themselves)?

3.    How do we explain synthetic cloning of human beings in order to gain control over planetary power groups? The Greys are known to be involved in this procedure.

4.    How do we explain the apparent destruction of life-forms and the Service to Self mind-set? Is it only a matter of perception on the human side?

5.    How do cattle view the humans that slaughter them? If they had enough awareness, would their demands then seem valid to humans?

Producing Hybrid Organisms

Production of hybrid organisms involves a process whereby normal physical development is bypassed and sexual maturity is achieved in the fetal state. This process is known in current genetics and produces leaps of structural difference. One can use the same basic genetic coding and change the rate at which the gene functions in order to achieve a wide variance in life forms. It is apparent that humans and Greys are, in fact, genetic variations of the same life form.

Other human-appearing aliens with advanced technology could have taken a simian fetus and made structural changes in their own image in order to produce the original Homo Sapiens, which has been altered many times since.

Who’s In Charge Here?

There are two main thoughts with respect to the Greys and who they may work for:

1.    The Greys work for the Taller Greys, who work under influence from a Reptilian species, who left them in charge when they left several thousand years ago. During that time, the Greys have discovered their independence and do not wish to be re-enslaved by the Reptilians when they return. This supports the known observation that abductees are being trained on alien equipment. To fight the Reptilians? The other humans who were the original “creators”?

2.    The Greys may be independent of all of this, having the ability to travel in time and space. They may be working for no one but themselves, trying to improve their species and take what they can take from the planet. They have been referred to by many as mercenaries. There are no doubt different groups of related species with different motives and mind sets.

3.    According to the “caretaker” scenario, the Greys would be working for the “blond” humanoid species that made the original effort at producing the human species.

The Greys as an Electronic Space Society

It has been our experience that the majority of the public has a mind set which is not predisposed toward understanding anything outside the cultural reality they are surrounded with, and this makes our task only that much more interesting when it comes to trying to educate people about themselves and the universe around them. Alien interaction only complicates this process. We have taken years of material, right up to the present, and have condensed the material so that the reader will be getting as much knowledge as possible.

For the last 20 years, we have examined the situation very closely, and we have had information from many sources. Much of the information has evolved over the last three years - much of it is still coming in. Information is verifiable, either by the overwhelming corroboration from widely scattered sources and the synchronicity of events, or from individuals ( including US Government military and intelligence forces ), including abductees, that have been directly involved with what is happening. First party sources.

One of the largest problems over the years has been identifying the perpetrators of these abductions. There are two kinds of abductor:

(1) Non-Homo Sapiens forces

(2) Terrestrial forces, primarily intelligence and security forces of the government and corporate entities.

A General View of Space Societies 

Among the Non-Homo Sapiens (NHS) forces, it has pretty well been established that there are over 70 species interacting with this planet, there are 9 that are most active. Out of those 9 there are primarily 4 species that are deeply involved in abduction of humans for various purposes, and these are

1.    The race commonly known as the Greys

2.    Blond humanoids

3.    Red-haired Humanoids

4.    Reptilian humanoids

Sources for NHS entities are quite varied. It appears that entities have these as some of their sources:

·      Different, sectors of space, both on and inside planets and planetoids/moons.

·      Different harmonic frequency bands and dimensions for matter and energy that are outside the perceptive range of the Homo Sapiens and also outside linear matter, energy, space and time.

All the NHS entities have displayed societal structures which portray a large variation in species, most of which seem to have passed the point of evolution that this one is in, and many of which ( especially the Orion-based species ) make heavy use of crystalline and light-based technology, as well as implant and mind control technology.

Abilities to manipulate mental energy are what separate the abductee from dealing with the Greys on their own “turf."



Crystalline Biological Structures 

During one of the autopsies on alien bodies, it was found that there existed a separate lobe of the brain that contained a crystalline network. This, to me, was an interesting discovery, for it made the connection with other information which we already possess about such networks. During examination of data from ancient texts, such as The Keys of Enoch, we can see that the networks are pertinent to advanced physical forms, and that these networks allow them to tap into the Universal Intelligent Matrix.

In these ancient texts, brains of advanced physical beings, presumably those of 3rd and 4th densities that require the use of physical bodies, are described as having the right and left hemispheres of the brain fused and a small frontal lobe which acts as a “crystal recorder” structure, or third brain. This is exactly what the autopsies found.

With this data in mind, it might be presumed that the development of the network structure is a later physical manifestation that occurs subsequent to the development of 4th density telepathic abilities. Within the human, a structure known as the caudate nucleus functions an an initial structure for establishing telepathic-communication. The term antakarana, or bridge in the brain, refers to the evolutionary connection of the caudate nucleus with the rest of the brain.
Thought forms pervade the universe, and evidently it is this network which allows a being to tap into the matrix and gain information, the matrix, or Universal Intelligence Matrix, pervades the universe.

It is a hierarchically ordered intelligence-field composed of infinite domains, dimensions/densities/parallel worlds, and conscious entities, the primary function of the matrix is that it enacts the thought patterns of the Universal Mind into manifestation. The resultant diversification exists as an infinite spectrum of interconnected combinations and permutations. Interdimensional communication is the result of attunement to one's own network so that it functions as a interdimensional extension through which communicative access to desired aspects of the matrix can occur.

Development and evolution of neurological pathways in the brain is a process during which brain cells expand, crystalline domain orientations shift, and neuro-circuitry pathways are gradually overridden, the pathways upon which this development takes place is sometimes esoterically termed the Prim Circuitry. This circuitry is now mostly dormant in humans, but can be stimulated ahead of its normal evolutionary progression.

Interdimensional communication is the birthright of all beings. As every being evolves, the communicative capacity is heightened along with the awareness of its abiding essentiality, and this process is what some alien forces who are in control of the Earth are trying to retard; other groups want to stimulate the process to help humans achieve a greater focus in 4th density, with the accompanying moral and spiritual development.

The human skull contains internal structures which are resonant liquid crystal-colloidal membranes. These membranes and structures respond to the spectrum of the Universal intelligent Matrix by reacting to standing wave interference patterns.

Some have stated that use of interdimensional craft by humans is not possible because of the physical development (cranially) of the human, which does not permit focused’ mind-linkage. Mind-linkage permits a grouping of beings to be “of one mind” and focus the technology to permit transfer of the equipment and themselves to other locations, domains or densities.

This discussion lays the groundwork for a discussion on one of the more important areas: Light-based technology.

Light Based technologies

The use of crystalline matrices to modulate energy, consciousness and matter is the hallmark of the most advanced technologies. This technical capability exists in many of the species that are not indigenous to our planet, and many beings on our planet are, and have been, subjected to modification of their psychic and genetic patterns using this technology.

The Andreasson affair was a good example, in that it illustrated some of the technical capabilities that are being imposed on humans to achieve ends that are as yet unspecified. The human body, a resonant bioelectronic crystalline structure, can be deeply affected by patterns that are entrained upon it. Learning can be achieved - or taken away. The biological state of health can be improved - or degraded. We are dealing with a system of science that has its roots in a deep understanding of how the universe and reality systems operate, and it is quite evident-that humans are beginning to recall some of those factors. There is an implicit knowledge of spiritual functions that is coincident with knowledge of crystal and liquid-light based technologies.

Apparently, most of the beings that use this technology are at least 5th density, and have the capability to resonantly energize the human biological system to raise the density level in order to apply the technology to the human system. We have had underground areas described to us that contain green cylindrical chambers with seats, similar to those discussed in the Andreasson affair, and one of the locations of those chambers is right outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The function of these chambers is to increase the vibratory resonance of the physical body to transfer it to a higher density level, interact with the individual, and return it to its normal density after the interactions are accomplished.

For your information, a good literary source for details regarding crystal based technology is “The Crystal Connection”, by Baer and Baer.


Greys with "Normal" Sex Organs

There are evidently some Grey species that have full use of sexual organs. Most references to Greys as sexless beings are those that refer to the cloned worker class that perform most of the work during abductions. Breeding in large glass cylinders is believed to be the result of limited physical capacity to actually bear a child on the part of the Grey female.

It is apparently more practical to combine Grey sperm with a human female egg and allow it to come to a stage about three months old before removing it to complete its development in a similar liquid environment, which also has special light conditions which promote alien cellular development.

Pictures in the Dulce labs portraying wombs with little fetuses and the clear tubs with little aliens in them are believed to portray the cloned worker class of beings that are pictured on the cover of “Communion”.

The tall Greys are the dominant species and are basically “test tube” species. The clones are synthetically produced with biological materials (much of which owe their source to life-forms on earth).

Generally, the Grey clones have one major organ which has the combined function of a heart and lung. The rest of their body is apparently a homogeneous spongy tissue infused with circulatory systems, glands and other amorphous structures.

The brain has been described as having many more lobes than the human brain. There have been previous references to crystalline networks that have been found in the brains of some of the alien autopsies. It is believed that the network has a functional relationship to telepathic communication and acts as a functional node for group control of the cloned species, which function in what is essentially a hive mind.

Each of the Grey clones has an individuality, but it is much less pronounced than in the human, where tendencies toward expanded awareness and shared consciousness are minimized through cultural conditioning, programming, and basic cranial differences in structure.

Physiological Characteristics of Some Grey-Reptilian, Species Autopsied by the United States Government

1990 N.A.R.

Alien Life Form:

Term used by the government to describe the Greys’ in terms of being a malevolent life form. The deal with the Greys is that their field around their body is different from ours to the point where merging of the fields ends up creating physical symptoms (the ”body terror” mentioned by people like Whitley Strieber). The field around them is in direct opposition to ours. It is an anti-life field, as these specific species are on a devolutionary spiral. They are akin to soldiers of fortune, and offer their advanced technology in trade for things they require. They are experts at manipulation of both the human body (through manipulation of the fields) and the human mind. They require blood and other biological fluids to survive. They abduct humans and animals in order to acquire these fluids. They implant small devices near the brain which potentially gives them total control and monitoring capability. These devices are very difficult to detect.

The analysis of the devices by technical staff has produced a description that Involves use of crystalline technology combined with molecular circuitry and these ride on the resonant emissions of the brain and the various fields of the human. Information is entrained on the brain waves. It appears that all attempts to remove the implants (1972) have resulted in the death of the human. They perform surgery and other operations on human subjects.- These abductions continue to be an ongoing matter. A list of abductees is provided periodically to MAJI, although it is known that many more are abducted than are reported. These aliens also claim to have played a very significant part in the planets religious history, and have provided MAJI with supporting evidence of this.

Various descriptions of the ALF’s relate the following characteristics: Between 3 to 5 feet in height, erect standing biped, small thin build, head larger than humans, absence of auditory lobes (external), absence of body hair, large tear-shaped eyes (slanted approximately 35 degrees) which are opaque black with vertical slit pupils, arms resembling praying mantis (normal attitude) which reach to the knees, long hands with small palm, claw-like fingers ( various number of digits- often two short digits and two long, but some species have three or four fingers), tough gray skin which is reptilian in texture, small feet with four small claw-like toes, organs that are similar to human organs but have obviously developed according to a different evolutionary process; a non-functioning digestive system; two separate brains; movement is deliberate, slow and precise; alien subsistence requires that they must have human blood and other biological substances to survive. In extreme circumstances they can subsist on other (cattle) animal fluids.

Food is converted to energy by chlorophyll by a photosynthetic process (this supports results gained from autopsies at 29 Palms underground base where it was seen that their “blood” was greenish and the tissue was black). Waste products are secreted through the skin. The two separate brains are separated by mid-cranial lateral bone (anterior and posterior brain). There is no apparent connection between the two. Some autopsies have revealed a crystalline network which is thought to have a function in telepathic (and other) functions which help to maintain the group-consciousness between members of the same^species. Functions of group consciousness in this species does have a disadvantage is that decisions in this species come rather slowly as the matter at hand filters through the group awareness to those who must make a decision.

The Greys and the reptilians

This initial report is concerned with two groups of aliens: Greys and Reptilians. There are several different kinds of both Greys and Reptilians, but for now I will simply refer to them as single groups. Both groups live on this planet or beneath its surface and in space. They have been here for a long time.

The Greys are also "working” for Reptilians, relative to the abductee as an individual and to the human race as a whole. They have been used by the Reptilians as the middlemen, doing the work and exposing themselves to us on behalf of and instead of the Reptilians. The Greys are consistently referred to as a mercenary force, though they themselves will often say that they “have no choice”, that they themselves are the slaves, presumably in their own culture or to the Reptilians.

The Greys are engaged in abduction and related activity, as they tell it, in order to survive. A great deal of the above is relative to their survival on an individual basis. They don’t eat humans, but they use biological substances from humans (such as glandular secretions) in a manner we can compare with eating. (They absorb nutrients through their skin.) They milk us in the way we milk cows and they need what they take from us, or think they do. As a species, they are using material from us to recreate themselves, by creating their next generation with hybrids. Most of them can no longer individually produce offspring. I’ve been told that only one in a hundred or a thousand Greys can even conceive and that most of those babies do not live.

Some Reptilians, on the other hand, eat us like we eat chicken. In the United States, there are rumors of great, underground food-storage rooms full of preserved human bodies. Sometimes the rumor has it that the bodies are those of children. I asked the Greys why, if this was true, would it be children? I was told that it is not only children but also adults that Reptilians eat. Children are preferred because they are generally unpoisoned by substances like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and other things adults are saturated with, as a group.

The Reptilians don’t seem to be dependent on us as a food source, although part of their experimental work with us is toward the end of future food supply/production. When they become involved with crossbreeding (humans and Reptilians), they are not doing it for racial survival but for the purpose of creating a subclass (slave race) within their own culture. These half-breeds are to be biological war machines and laborers, etc. They are to be someone else’s property. Most contemporary monsters or oddities (such as the Cabbit, half-cat-half-rabbit, that was found in New Mexico in the 1970’s) were probably created by or are otherwise related to Reptilian and/or government genetic research.

The Reptilians seem to have little regard for us as living beings. (They think that we are as ugly and repulsive to them as we ever portrayed them to be, and that we, the human race, are “as valuable as weeds.”) However, they do seem to consider some of us valuable property. One gets the feeling they will continue to use us as they see fit, or, if we ever become a real problem as a group, they would sooner wipe us out than deal with it. They do not fear us, considering themselves far superior to us by all comparisons. They supposedly consider the surface of this planet to be a poisonous, inhospitable environment and “allow” us to live here, since they live below the surface and in space. (We and our surface environment function as a physical buffer or living shield around their home underground.)

The Greys sometimes treat us more like children than animals. They consider us physically beautiful and healthy; mentally young and fresh. They do fear us, contrary to what they may claim, because they do not understand us. (They have no emotions or individuality; they are of a group mind. Socially and culturally, Greys and humans are very different.) They also fear us because they know we are potentially powerful beings. However, they insist that they “own” us: They say they created us and therefore have the right to do what they will with us.


Beyond this original “right” to interfere with us, they say they have additionally earned the right through their control. Because they can control us on an individual and cultural basis both physically and mentally, they say they “own us”.

These attitudes are propaganda. Their control over us in any capacity is ultimately very frail due to its very nature. Their control is based on intimidation and advanced technology. As we become more aware, we are harder to control, harder to lie to, harder to confuse. Our technology would definitely be competitive with theirs if we had access to it. Much of the technology we would need to effectively overcome this situation exists now. It just isn’t made available to the public, for economic reasons, as well as “national security.”

The preceding statements about the Greys are based on conversations with them and long observation of them. Impressions about the Reptilians are more general. I have not engaged in conversations with Reptilians, though they have sometimes spoken to me. Most of my experience with them does not include direct communication between me and them.

Almost all of my consciously recalled memories of Reptilians also include Greys, who usually do the communicating between us. Often the Reptilians seem to be present during abductions as observers only, standing off to the side of the action, just watching.



Other Examples of Alien Script

In 1939, while working with John Lear, I ran across an interesting case in which an individual (lets call him Gregg) interacted with another race which had as a significant part of its culture the use of mathematical probability functions and high-level computers. This person lived not too far from Johnfoff Sunrise Mountain in Las Vegas.

At a meeting with this man and his wife, he described a situation in which he had made an agreement with this culture to let one of them use his body for ten years “in trade for another ten years of life”. This is did, and the individual who occupied his body exhibited very interesting characteristics. He could drive across town and collapse time, making the stop lights change with a wave of his hand. The CIA evidently became aware of Gregg II, and attempted to interact with him; according to Gregg I, Gregg II had absolute power over the CIA people that came to ‘investigate” him and his activities.

To make a long story short, at the end of the ten year period, Gregg I came back into his body to find that he had a new house and a new Job. He discovered, after being pulled over for a minor traffic violation, that the police excused themselves for pulling him over. There was evidently something on file in the national computer system which warned officials not to harass him. As the difference between Gregg I and Gregg II was just the being inside the body, the police never knew the difference.

Gregg I discovered that there was a study in the house where Gregg II had lived that contained volumes on medical studies and biochemistry, as well as large power cables that were cut off and that led nowhere. Gregg II had built a female android, which Gregg I eventually met. The android, when viewing a human child, asked Gregg I “what is it’s function?”. The android wrote Gregg I letters after the departure of the alien consciousness, but he doesn’t understand the alien script any more, at least consciously. I had a chance to view one of the letters and copied down some of the script:

Christa Tilton had an acquaintance named Donovan who was also an abductee. During some of his adventures, he noticed the following example of alien script:


Reticulan Data

1.    The Reticulans appear to be a highly aware grouping of entities that function as a social memory complex. Individuality appears to exist, but is overshadowed by the group mind.


2.    In order to study the unique, individual consciousness of the human species, the Reticulans are domesticating and cloning a number of humans for experimental purposes.

3.    The aliens are subjecting some humans to processes which enhance intelligence.

4.    The Reticulans are millions of years old as a species and have weakened DNA structure as a result of conflicts which involved nuclear radiation.

5.    The Reticulans have relied on artificial reproduction or cloning and face extinction from incurable genetic diseases.

6.    They are creating hybrid human-Reticulans capable of mating with humans.

7.    Targets of Reticulan Observation:

a.    Water supplies

b.    Nuclear Arsenals and Test Facilities

c.    Military Electronic Surveillance Facilities

d.    Military Installations


8.    Advanced quantum physics coupled with knowledge on Ontological sciences give the Reticulans advantage over 3rd density civilizations.

9.    The true Player in the Game has the capability of covert manipulation of equal or lesser technological races.

10.   The Pawns in the game can be implanted and controlled by the Players but cannot be destroyed or vanquished; they can be manipulated into self-destructive modes.

11.   The Reticulans are largely involved in scientific exobiological surveys as well as systemic geological observation and field studies.

12.   On board some Reticulan craft there are:

a.    UV screening devices

b.    Tempo/Spacial/Jump Coordinator Circuits

c.    Remote Telemetry Scanning with Holographic Recording

d.    Multi-density penetrating scanner / Zeta-ray device with holographic display, for viewing inside buildings, underground and underwater.

e.    Interdimensional penetration of craft into solid matter.


13.   Technological Wizardry of the Network

A.   Catechomine Beta-Lipotropin 4753, a mixture which is a distillation of slightly enkephalinic melanocyte-stimulating adrenocorticotropic hormone; a cerebral cortex “roto-rooter”; removes certain body blocks and boosts intelligence.

B.   Inculcation Monitor: a modulated catecholamine encoded laser beam that resonates within the optic nerve network of the subject, setting up harmonic vibrations which disseminate encoding sequences to the proper receptor sites.


14.   Learning, Teaching and Assimilation Techniques
In electronic space societies, learning is accomplished by forceful means such as by electronic implant. There are several means of rapid inculcation, depending on whether one uses a Doll Body or a meat-body for identification.

 .     One dons a helmet which has wires and needles attached to it, and a crystal cube is put into a niche in the top of the helmet. A strobe flashes at the subject’s brain wave frequencies and a series of images are impressed into the subject’s consciousness. Individuals are trained to perform complex tasks in a short period of time.

A.   The subject is hypnotized or made to sleep and a high frequency microwave emission is used as a carrier wave on which to send encoded data into the RRS (Ridge Response System). Here, the data can be triggered later by a pre-arranged stimulus-response signal in the environment.

B.   The subject can sit facing a screen and interact with images on the holographic display.

C.   The subject is made to lay down on a table and face the inculcation monitor, a bar of flashing colored lights, and is reprogrammed to serve the Confederacy in some new capacity.


15.   Objectives of Reticulum:

 .     Political Objective is Conquest

a.    Social Objectives are Obedience and Duty

b.    Religion/Philosophy is Science

c.    Military Operations: Colonization, establishment of trade terminals and routes, mining operations and the exchange of information.


16.   Direct Observance and Inculcation Procedures

 .     The subject is located

a.    The Ridge Response System is checked.

b.    The subject is allowed to view a craft, becomes curious.

c.    Monitored data is transmitted for decision.

d.    If found acceptable, subject is directed to an isolated area, picked up, examined, made to forget the experience, and returned back to the planet.

e.    Sometimes a targeted being will be picked up in childhood and taken to an earth base for crystal implantation and is then monitored throughout the growth period. In young adult stage, the subject is picked up, the crystals are removed and the being is “parked in reserve” for future triggering and employment.


17.   Damage to Network Craft: Radar beams can interfere with both programs and propulsion.

 .     The Reticulans are from a civilization which appears to be totally dedicated to interstellar research and life analysis.

a.    The Network has been on Earth for the past 50 years.

b.    Past contacts with Earth governments have been rejected. Eisenhower.

Discussion of Density Levels and the Greys

The Greys are led by non-corporeal beings of sixth density, of which there are only a very few. A sixth density being is at a non-physical level where the being exists as the entire dimension itself. A sixth density being would be aware of the many dimensions he is while still being separated to some degree from his many selves or projected consciousnesses.

Fifth density beings are non-corporeal in nature and also experience themselves as the entire dimension. There are large numbers of fourth and fifth density Greys involved in the situation here on Earth. Fifth density is the last density above humans (third density) that can retain negativity. At this level you will find the true player in the game. They are powerful intelligent beings who are capable of interdimensional travel.

Fifth density beings have the ability to control an entire sector of space.

Fourth density beings exist on the level of race consciousness, and are in touch with their own sixth density consciousness. They can draw energy and knowledge from their other components. The fourth density entity is in the unique position of being able to transit between third and fourth densities, and are largely paraphysical when viewed from a third density perspective. These beings make use of both organic bodies and synthetic androids. These beings appear energetic and aware, but emotionally cold, to the human.

They are, in fact, extremely curious about all aspects of existence, highly analytical and devoid of any sentimentality. They can experience emotions from humans in a high-energy state (terror, fear, etc...) and in doing so gain sort of an elevation of mood. Fourth density Greys, the ones who are primarily dealing with Whitley Streiber, are the ones who possess the technical equipment to draw energy from the human bio-plasmic field. They also have the ability to extract memories and experiences from the human being. It is they who await in the light when a human being dies. The human being is then recycled into another body and the process begins all over again. Fourth density Greys are, in effect, sensation Junkies. To experience human emotions and feelings is the closest they themselves ever come to the idea of feeling.

The Greys were ultimately behind the Thule Group in Germany during the war, and no doubt were ultimately behind the German policy of internment and termination of the Jews during the war.

Think of the emotion that was generated in the concentration camps!

Reptilian - Grey Data 


by Jason Bishop III

Most “UFO buffs” think that their efforts will lead to some sensible attention by the “Authorities” to the broad problem the UFOs present... the problem of ‘are they Invaders?’, ‘what do they want here on Earth?’, and all those other nagging questions. They come to Earth for things surface people don’t even know about.
Earth is on the ancient space trade routes. They come to bases (
Cavern City Complexes) and they mine, manufacture, and do some genetic manipulations to form various subservient cross breeds.

The Reptilians
For the most part, we are dealing with another species that is humanoid in shape, but Reptilian in heritage. Their leader elite are the “Draco”. They even have special “wings”, which are flaps of skin, supported by long ribs. These can be folded back against the body. They are also known as the “Dragon Race” and their symbology usually includes the Winged Serpent. There are elements of their species which do not have wings - the “soldier class” and “scientists” have none.
They are all ‘cold blooded’ and have to have a balanced environment to maintain body temperature.

The “soldier class” of the species can bury themselves in the ground and wait long periods of time in order to ambush their enemy. If need be they can survive on one very large meal every few weeks or even once a year.

As a species, they are well suited for space travel due to their ability to hibernate. These reptoids have scales which protect them from moisture loss. They have no sweat glands.

The scales (scutes) are much larger on their backs, making the skin waterproof. The scales elsewhere on the body are more flexible. They have three fingers with an opposing thumb. The eyes are catlike and large. They have twin nostrils at the end of a short stubby muzzle. They are mostly meat eaters.

The mouth is more like a slit, but they have teeth which are differentiated into incisors, canines, and molars. They average from 6 to 7 feet in height.

The Reptilian (amphibian) humanoids have been interacting with Earth for ages. Many contactees and abductees repeatedly describe an insignia of a Flying Serpent on a shoulder patch, a badge, a medallion or a helmet. The Serpent Race lives under the ground.

The Greys
The Reptilian species directs the efforts of the worker class which are about 4 feet tall. These are currently referred to as Greys or EBEs, and are the largest category likely to be encountered by surface humans. The Greys are really an order of crossbreed between Humans and Reptilian species. There are several other lines of crossbreeds which have been bred for various specific characteristics. Some hybrids have an active pineal eye and are telepathic.

These beings (the Greys) operate very efficiently in the dark. Their eyes are more sensitive to ultraviolet light. They have the ability to control their heart rate. The normal heart rate for a Grey is above that of a human. The skin seems to have a metallic content and an unusual cobalt pigmentation. Many have no external sex organs. Some have been bred to have them.

There are accounts in the legends of Babylon, India, Egypt, South America, Central America and elsewhere that reveal the influence of this other species on our own.

One variety of Reptilian crossbreed is particularly negative and dangerous. This variety, who work with the Draco, originate from a system having much more high energy radiation than on the Earth. These “detrimental beings” do not “eat” in the same way humans do. These hive-like beings use synthetically produced substances, mixed with blood. This slurry is sometimes mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide, which kills the foreign bacteria and viruses. They may also be feeding off the “life essence energy” of the substances. They also seem to “feed” off nuclear energy, and have manipulated humans into developing sources of nuclear power that emit radiation. Nuclear methods involved use neutrons and create radiation. Methods that use positrons emit no radiation.

The “Greys” (the short, “Big Heads”) are mercenaries. They interface with humans in “Secret Societies” and within the Military/Governmental Complex. An interconnected “WEB” manipulates the surface Earth cultures.

Command Progression: DRACO (Winged Reptilian) -> DRACO (Non-Winged) -> Greys -> Humans

Other Species
It should be noted that not all the cross-breeds are hostile and steeped in elitism. There are beings that are thought to be the descendents of an ancient “Elder Race”. Most of these beings have blond hair, large forehead, and medium dark or light complexion.

Those who have dark hair are also shorter in height.

Conflict for Control
A covert species war is currently being fought between the Draconian linked cultures and the Orion linked cultures. The truce as applied to Earth is under extreme stress.

The so-called Orion Group is an Empire. Their purpose is conquest then enslavement of the un-elite. These “crusaders” set up bases within Maldek (now destroyed), Mars and Earth.

The Draconian Group is a Confederation. They are the Reptilian Humanoids, with subgroups (The “Serpent Race” from Sirius) and various crossbreeds. They set up bases inside of Venus, the Earth, and other locations. Earth is on their trade route.

Certain contactees have been manipulated by both groups. This has created confusion and was done to discredit these individuals. With this mix of influences and distortions it is no wonder that Earth humans are ripe for enslavement.

The “Harvest” will occur during a period of time to come. The conflict presently underway is for control of the Earth and those here. Humans are “related” to both major extra-terrestrial forces.

Both groups are using and crossbreeding with humans.

Historical Background
There is one race referred to as the ELs or Elders that have conducted experiments on Earth that have involved both artificial insemination and interbreeding with HV (animal)-Men beings. They created a genetic “under-species” - HuMen.- to do mining and other work. Eventually, the Serpent Race stimulated the Els “hypno-slaves” into Self-Awareness. This act caused the Hu-Men under-species to be turned out on its own.

The Serpent Race was forced by the ELs, deep underground as well as off the planet. The conflict continues to this day. A large portion of present day humanity is descended from mixed gene ancestry. The ELs and the Reptilians have both continued to cross breed with Humans. They need humans, and conspire together to keep humans ignorant and under control. Humans must recognize the “control web” and go beyond it.

Inner Earth Species called Sasquatch
In April of 1974, psychic Joyce Partise of southern California, held a sealed envelope in her hands. Unknown to her, that envelope held a photograph of a Sasquatch footprint taken in a heavily wooded area in the northern part of the state. Her initial remarks:

“This envelope is like a death certificate! I foresee an impending disaster, yes, now I see what it is. These things are coming from outer space - it’s an outer space war! The first area will be Portland, Oregon. There’s a mountain with a hole in it. Somebody should investigate this mountain because they’re down there already. You know those hairy things that run around, the ape man? He’s not an ape. They’re underground, in contact with outer space and their intentions toward mankind is total destruction”.

Excerpts from the rest of the reading:

“This gorilla man - there’s a civilization of thousands of them - he looks creepy but he’s intelligent. Their eyes are extremely sensitive from being underground. It’s though they’re from another civilization long ago and have mutated because of radiation. This has altered their brains and now they’re able to communicate with those in outer space. The sad thing is that these aliens are using them for their work, for laborers, but I can’t tell what they’re building. These aliens are desperate. Something is happening to their planet and they are preparing themselves for the time when they must leave. They must have a place to go, and right now they are analyzing out planet with the help of those hairy creatures and want to take it over.”

Underground Bases and Way Stations
In Robertson County (Texas) UFOs have become a nightly occurrence. Other factors which occur in the same location:

1. Unexplained tracks on the ground.
2. Mysterious deaths and disappearances of livestock.
3. Interference with normal radio reception.
4. Strange code being received on CB radio frequencies.
5. Power blackouts.

The caverns beneath Calvert, Texas are being used for some type of operations. Farmers and ranchers in the area have reported bearing peculiar noises coming from deep beneath their feet.

“Individuals living 5 or 6 miles outside Calvert have been repeatedly driven out of their homes by the sound of generators”.

In April 1973, students camping in the San Gabriel Mountains on the western edge of the Mohave desert “felt uneasy” and then saw a giant man-like creature. Researchers from the UFO Research Institute were called in. They discovered the sound of geared machinery and what might be compared to a hydroelectric plant coming from ‘beneath the forest floor’. Sounds of operating machinery have been recorded coming from mines in the area after midnight.

The Yakima Indian Reservation
Southeast of Tacoma, Washington is the Yakima Indian Reservation. Of special interest is one particular section 40 miles wide and 70 miles long, bordered on the west by the Cascade Mountain Range. It is an area of canyons and heavily forested regions. The valley is essentially closed to the public and special permits are required to enter. Forestry personnel have heard (Dorthea Sturm) unusual sounds for years coming from underground.

One area of intense activity is known as Toppenish Ridge. From deep within the dark, restricted canyons, “glows” have been seen. This area is not accessible by foot or vehicle. Low-flying silver cigar-shaped craft have been seen to disappear into the deep canyon known as the Middle Fork of Toppenish Creek.

Additional Information about Greys and reptilian species and their General Activities with Human Beings on earth

The general class of beings known as the Greys make up several species. All the species seem to have rigidly defined social classes, which tends to be a hallmark of electronic space societies.


In general, there are three kinds of Greys:

1.    The Reticulans, who are about 4.5 feet tall

2.    those from Bellatrix (also in the Orion system) that are about 3.5 feet tall

3.    another species of Orion Grey that ranges in height from 6 to 9 feet tall

In general, the Greys that have operated on Earth for a long time are subservient to a large Reptilian species. Because of their subservience to the Reptilian species, it is possible that they would, in principle, desire the aid of humans in any future confrontation with their Reptilian masters. This could be the main reason behind the training that is given to abductees. The planetoid that is entering our solar system at this time (it will be here in the coming years) has been written up in several major newspapers, and it has been determined that it is being intelligently guided and that it emanates a large variety of frequencies within the electromagnetic spectrum (which indicates that it is occupied and has a technical culture).

The Zeta Reticulans appear to be divided into two social classes one being more hawkish than the other. The more peaceful of the two appears more refined and has demonstrated a more tolerant attitude toward humans. The other class is more abrupt, blunt and crude toward humans.

Through analysis of many cases, it would appear that the tall Greys have one base near the Aleutian Islands. The taller Greys seem to have overall influence over the Reticulans and also over the Bellatrix species. The influence over humans seems to center around implantation of human political figures and those in control of planetary power groups.

The Zetas have apparently reproduced themselves for thousands of years by the cloning method. They have devolved from the sexual reproduction process so that all sexual organs (as well as their digestive tract) have totally atrophied. They have no stomach and digest their “food” by absorption through the skin or under the tongue. The mouth cavity is approximately two to three inches in depth.

These are the entities that are involved (the government is also involved) in cattle mutilations. They absorb specific substances from the cattle products that seem to lend stability during the cloning process. These substances originate in certain glands and mucus membranes (lips, nose, genitals, and rectum). The problem that these entities have come to experience is that in the re-cloning process each copy is genetically weaker than the last.


This has stimulated their interest in the creation of a hybrid through genetic engineering with human genes, trying to merge and blend the species in order to preserve their race.

It is for this reason that the Zetas abduct humans (other species have similar reasons for abducting humans). Many of the abductions have an outwardly “cruel” nature to them, insofar as the nature of the examinations and genetic work is quite psychologically disturbing to humans. For example, a caged vacuum tube is often inserted up the human rectum and around into the intestines in order to withdraw samples of fecal material for analysis, apparently to examine the types of food eaten as well as the results of the digestive process relative to alien influence on the physical body.

The Blue Ray
Several types of beams are used by the aliens. One in particular, the blue colored ray, is used for paralyzing, capturing, and transporting humans. The action of being beamed into a ship temporarily suffocates the human, as all the oxygen is suddenly removed from all the cells of the body during the process. Another type of radiation restores the oxygen to the body upon arrival.

When the aliens themselves use beam transport, a different type of beam is used that permits them to arrive completely alert. The blue beam is described quite frequently by abductees.

You will recall that “mutilations” generally result in all of the blood being withdrawn from the body. This has been the case whether the subject is an “animal” or a human. The blood and other fluids are then generally transferred to holding containers, or vats, as well as other body parts. There are many reports of humans in various situations and scenarios having come in contact with aliens, or have been in caves or caverns with aliens, and having seen canisters or vats in which animal parts were floating, and in which a purple-red fluid was present as a substance in which to suspend all the materials.

There was one case where a woman and her two children were abducted by the entities from Bellatrix (the entities referred to as “SM’s” in the Case For the UFO) and she would not cooperate with them when they had her on board their ship. Their reply to this lack of cooperation was very direct - they killed both of her children. She managed to run down a hallway and went into a room where she saw a vat full of red liquid and body parts of humans and animals. She saw another vat of the same type in which the liquid was being agitated, and as she looked into the vat she could see Greys bobbing up and down, almost swimming, absorbing the nutrients through their skin.

There is also the use of H2O2 in the vats in order to aid in preserving the fluid from rapid degeneration. These entities have been abducting humans for many centuries - these entities view Earth as a big farm, and have been essentially raising and harvesting humans and apparently abduct humans to take them back to their home planet to raise there in a kind of human husbandry scenario.


Child Sacrifice in the Christian Bible

If you study ancient history, you will find that it was common, especially in the time of Babel, for humans to sacrifice their children to their “gods”. The process still takes place, especially in some Satanic rituals, today. The reason why these practices occurred is that the children were being given to alien races. The ancient “gods” of the Old Testament were beings of a radically different nature than the human species. These were the same entities that destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, because they did not like their own people mingling with humans and decided that humans were too much of a nuisance.

The stories given in the Old Testament relate to other archaeological studies found in other cultures. Babylonian, Akkadian, Summerian, Ur and Egyptian cultures all carry stories that add to and clarify the stories in the Old Testament. These stories, as pointed out later on in this book, indicate that the entities who were portrayed as “gods” were in fact space aliens. Usually these “gods” asked for sacrifices of a human nature. Here we are referring back to the period over 12,000 years ago, but the practice has been continued.

There are indications that the ritual of the Eucharist (eating bread to symbolize the body) is a reflection of earlier rituals where aliens were eating off the bodies of humans or feeding off their energies. The phrases “Food of the Gods” takes on new meaning when these factors are understood. The true “Nectar of the Gods” which the aliens involved seem to prize most is a substance that is taken from freshly killed humans. This substance is generated at the moment of death by the strong surge of adrenaline. This surge of adrenaline through the body accumulates at the base of the brain (the brain stem) and some aliens thrive on this substance as though it were some kind of ultimate drug for their particular species. This substance is most potent in human children.

Past Influences of the Reptilians
The Reptilian species that are soon coming back to Earth are the same entities who affected much of Earth’s history in the past. It was the Reptilian types that were represented in the Garden of Eden story as the serpent. The entities that originally participated in the creation of the Homo Sapiens species placed the entities (humans) that they had genetically engineered in their own image in the area of what is presently Lebanon and Syria after their “expulsion” from the “Garden of Eden”, which some research seems to indicate was a laboratory complex on Mars run by a group of entities known as the Jehovah, who seemed to be regarded by the Pleiadian humans as space renegades.


The process of development of the Homo Sapiens species was interfered with at a later time (see the overthrow of Ea).

Other types of Reptilian Species
In the Draco system there are other types of entities which have visited the Earth in the past. These entities were described by John Keel in his book The Mothman Prophecies, released in the 1970’s. The Draco are about 8 feet tall and have winged appendages coming out of their shoulders, dark scaly skin, and have glowing red eyes. They have the ability to fly and usually operate at night.

These entities, as well as the elite of the other Reptilian species (that also have winged appendages) were the source for some of the legends of the past relating to gargoyles and Valkyries. It is also apparent that some of the qualities ascribed to vampires have also been taken from these creatures.


Entities from Alcyone System
These entities were encountered by a woman in California in the 1980’s. Their skin was dark green in color. They wore a pad on their arm that they used to wipe excretia from a hole in the back of their neck. These entities function mostly in 4th and 5th densities, which includes the densities humans refer to as “astral”. The woman was told that she was abducted and implanted because they thought she was an “opinion leader”.

The beings would develop a pulsing glow around their heads when they became excited. The entities function according to Service to Self and utilize implantation as a manipulative factor.

Alien Species (Service to Self)

1.    Some of the various 22 sub-species of Greys originally started out as tall blond-hated humanoids in the Lyrae system, but were subject to heavy radiation due to a nuclear exchange over a long period of time, changing their DNA to the point where some of the species became stunted misshapen dwarves. Glandular structures were also affected, including reproductive and digestive organs.

2.    The nuclear exchange occurred approximately 10,450 years ago.

3.    Digestive tract is useless. Nourishment is ingested by smearing a soupy mixture of biologicals on the epidermis.

4.    Food Source: Bovine cattle parts ( and human ) surgically removed by light technology (laser) and distilled into a high protein broth.

5.    These type of Greys have been referred to as being the “Orion Crusaders” or the “Markabians” .

6.    Sources: Rigel, Ursa Major, Draconis, Reticulum.

7.    Draconians are Reptilian in nature; the elite have winged appendages on their backs.

8.    The race is interacting with portions of the US Government.

9.    The mass consciousness of the government agencies cooperating with the Rigellians have failed to realize that it is not to the aliens advantage to give either the Soviets or the US an advantage in the “arms race”. These aliens have given the US technology that is flawed. Much of the technology can only be operated by the Greys.

10.They control governments by picking up likely subjects and implanting them, manipulating their careers and elevating them within the societal structure to positions of power and/or a position as a leader of public opinion. When a human candidate becomes controlled by reason of inculcation therapy, they often knock the individual “out of his head” and store the humans consciousness/individuality while an artificially created intelligence is placed in the head of the candidates body to carry forth covert operations against the human population.

11.Humans implanted as controls are indoctrinated into the belief that they are superior to other humans. The aliens then give the humans technology or help them to obtain weapons for use against each other. All key personnel are implanted and controlled by the alien species.

12.If the “elite” are successful, they are used as “priests and caretakers” of the slave planet. If they fail (Hitler) then they are betrayed and thrown to the wolves.

13.Attitude toward humans is “tolerance towards inferiors”.

14.Any consideration of these specific entities permitting an atomic war on Earth is counterproductive. It would destroy their food supply.

15.These aliens have technological superiority but appear to lack in spiritual and social sciences. This is evident in their obvious lack of warmth, emotionality, and respect relative to humans.

16.The first stage of their One World plan is to use biological warfare to rid the planet of undesirables. The biological warfare is out of control. Decimation of population places the remaining population ultimately under their control.

17.They can sometimes obtain momentary pleasure in terms of mood elevation by tuning in on human wavelengths via telepathically connected radionic devices. They react to intense human emotion such as ecstasy or agony. “UFOS” in war zones. Nazi vs. Jew.

18.They blanket couples for sexual thrills and are drawn to aberrant and sexual deviates.

19.The biological as well as the psychological processes of human emotion and reaction are translated via scalar electromagnetics and directed towards their center of conscious focus in order to elevate mood.

20.The Markabs use sex, pain, drugs and fear as obsessive elements with which to abberate humans.

21.In order for humans to extricate themselves from the covert sinister alliance between the CIA and Rigel, which has occurred without the knowledge and consent of the mass consciousness, the people must regain control of the government ( which is a gov’t for the people and by the people ).

22.Tyrants have been defeated many times in this galaxy and others. Whenever one tyrant of one group or species is banished or defeated forever, another suppressive group or species arrives to take their place. What one resists one becomes.

23.One can never gain control over anyone but oneself.

24.Lower 4th density is always subject to tyranny.

25.By coming to a thorough understanding of a hostile entities ability to wear many faces, it unmasks and loses its ability to adversely influence.

Alien Species (Service to Others)

1.    There is a species from Procyon that has had a hand in the genetic development of humans and were involved with the initial interbreeding with primitive humans. Thus the sudden emergence of Cro Magnon human.

2.    Procyonian basic purpose: The Law of One is service to others. They feel that All That Is will benefit if man can develop as a true social memory complex, i.e., an Aligned mass consciousness or integrated biospheric entity. To them, 5 billion beings integrated as One “Awareness of Awareness” Unit in Creation is a natural State. Each separate entity still maintains the individual unique nature, which is the sum total of its integrated experiences, its basic differentiated identity as a spiritual entity aware of its immortality despite the use of an organic genetic entity (body).

3.    Their aim is to help us to help ourselves by bringing humans to their full potential.

4.    Failing goal #3 above, they will reap the smaller harvest of human souls and relocate them for advanced schooling elsewhere ( or “elsewhen” in the event of a natural disaster ).

5.    Humans tend to make Savior or Satan figures out of extraterrestrial or extra density beings. In doing so, they hope to negate responsibility for their misdeeds by appointing scapegoats. It is a self defeating strategy. Awaiting a “savior from the skies” is a recipe for disaster. If individuals do their best and work toward peace and unity of purpose, it will contribute towards correction of the imbalance. There are no guarantees.

6.    Christ-Consciousness” ( 4th density ) is awe-inspiring to humans of the 3rd density. It is far more demanding to develop the full spectrum of awareness. It is up to individuals to create their destiny.

7.    The Procyonians have the ability to travel within timeframes and density levels, as well as in-between. Rigelian entities lack this capability. They depend on beam craft for interstellar travel. Procyonians “astrally” travel from location to location ( perception to perception ) as a natural function.

8.    The Procyonian craft are constructed in one piece that is fabricated within an energy Matrix and solidified as an aware living crystal that is perfectly tuned to the pilot via computer link. The craft itself has a limited awareness level, as would a thought-form entity or mock-up.

9.    When the beamship contains three or more crew members who are the same density as the craft, then a teleportation sequence is possible.

10.The name of the home planet of the Procyonians translates roughly as “those who travel through time”.

11.All cultures go through states of higher technological development prior to learning that everything they have accomplished can be achieved by way of pure thought.

12.Humanity as a mass consciousness can create any destiny it chooses to create for itself.

The Bennewitz Studies of Alien Cultures 

Nowhere do the observations of Paul Bennewitz come more into view than in his March 1986 letter to Clifford Stone, now director of UFO Contact Center International in Albuquerque. Paul Bennewitz, a scientist who owns Thunder Scientific Company in Albuquerque, made the discovery very early on that alien craft were frequenting Manzano Weapons storage area. Bennewitz investigated what was apparently happening there, compiled documentation, and made the critical error of contacting the Government about it. From then on he was subject to investigation and manipulation.

Bennewitz found a way to communicate with some of the alien species via special equipment which resulted in communication through his computer, much like the situation with a modem. Bennewitz extracted a lot of information about the different groups of aliens, several of which were either related genetically to the Greys are were working with them. Bennewitz discovered several cultures that were highly stratified in nature and different in structure. For sake of simplicity, he refers to them as Very High culture, High Culture, and Low Culture.

Bennewitz wrote this letter after seven years of contact had occurred . What follows is extracted from that letter. Comments are in brackets( ): (Courtesy CRUX)

“Dear Clifford,

“I received your last package containing the Socorro Insignia and the transcript of the meeting held here in 1983 with Richard Doty. Most appreciate it.

“First, as we are becoming acquainted I would like to indicate a few things. These individuals that met with Doty are, in my book, precise examples of the pseudo-scientific dogma that haunts this entire business. They apparently got an enormous kick out of make believe cloak and dagger, worrying about telling an OSI agent that they don’t have a tape recorder, etc. You can bet that Doty, to protect himself at a later date, was wired for sound. I know him too well.

“I am forever amazed at individuals such as these that think they can walk in and talk with one such as Rick and that he would bare his soul 'talking to them as a civilian' and telling them everything. It just does not happen that way.

“And also alas I am forever at a loss to explain why - invariably all of them will never give credit where credit is due in areas where they are not experienced - nor have the credentials - such as the Computer Thought Communications Link. Rather, as shown in that transcript they are directly critical, yet none even bothered to ask directed questions nor ever came to look at it or evaluate it scientifically.

They have never thought deeply and analytically enough to realize communication with Alien Lifeforms is not cut and dried. One must build upon this type of research-expanding in a route to fully understand Alien psychology - what their culture is - how it expresses itself - its emotions - its level of thinking.

“Contrary to the apparent Ego orientation of B.M. and the other so-called “experts” - the Alien will not meet their projected response criteria when their complete analysis and way of looking at the Alien is based upon a narrow standard of reference - the Human-Homo Sapiens.

“To be honest about it, the Alien cultures look upon them as a bunch of half-scientific, unmitigated, narrow-minded, ego-oriented asses. That is exactly what is and has defeated their efforts to even begin to understand this and, in particular, how to find out and know not only the logic involved by what it portends for the future without the input of the Government, its agents, etc.

“There is so much in this and so much has happened upon a near daily basis to me for seven years that I don’t know where to start first.

“I think probably the best approach is to start out with some explanation in the way of statements relative to alien cultures here on Earth, their social structures, physical makeup, etc., all of which has been gleaned from the direct communications by computer, visual observation, psychological evaluation, and personal interaction.

“First, there are Low, High and Very High cultural levels. In the Low levels of the culture there are sharply defined levels, which extend from slave level on up. There is no freedom there -no one crosses these lines within - cross it and you are dead. Everything is watched with optical equipment and monitored by computers and individuals called “Keepers”.

“Spheres of many sizes float throughout their environment, monitoring audio, visual and thought frequencies. These units, which have a highly mirrored finish, can be talked to. They can cloak themselves so that they are totally invisible. Their control signal can be broken down into varying AM and FM components. There is no trust in this type of society. Everything is watched and monitored.

“The command structure is near totally unbelievable.

“The ruling levels wear robes of appropriate colors. The alien government involved with this group is totalitarian. They appear not to observe and social or moral principles. Their credo appears to be total control or kill.

The Culture of the Low Levels
“In the North - at the river - the Orange Insignia - or at the Diamond as the alien calls the base. The method of rule is a monarchy. The “king” wears purple. The high colors of social level were green, yellow, and white. The lower levels wore brown.

“Their body metabolism is very high, estimated at 110 to 115 degrees. Elimination is through osmosis. Skin color of the ruling echelon varies from a jaundiced yellow to white. No hair of any kind. The arms are long - near to knee level. They have very long hands and fingers. All of them look underfed. They have big heads and eyes. The humanoid types are generally light green. When in need of formula or dead they turn GREY. Many in this culture walk with a limp or shuffle their feet.

“it would appear they the Greys in the north are near frantic about my communications and want to stop me from talking with Io via the computer.

“This morning I have a dark red streak down the left side of my face about 2 ¾ inches long and ¼ inch wide. Based on experience, I would guess it was done by one of those (mirrored) spheres in the bedroom last night. This is typical of their distorted sense of logic. They operate on fear, but their problem is that I don’t fear them. All they have achieved with me is that I totally ignore them. It would appear that they are deathly afraid of the beings called Io and Jo (see High Culture).

“You will find, if you have not already, that constant interaction will result in learning how to be aware of, and in turn use, alien logic. It allows you to read the real intent behind what they say and do. It is because they operate in fear and do not understand the concepts of friendship and trust that they operate a society where everyone and everything is watched.

”Now, if you look at those in the north pragmatically, they have achieved the ideal in terms of war machines and weapons. With their machines and weapons they are “brave” - in their minds - without them they are just a quivering mass of fear.

“To further enhance their “bravery”, they seek full control with the implant. (The relative effectiveness of the some of these implants seems to be inversely proportional to expanded memory and awareness level). They also know that they can control large masses of people with lower intelligence without implants - shotgun manipulation with the beams. With that beam they can and do create mass unrest.

The High Culture Aliens known as the Eoku
“The High is apparently the culture of Io and Jo. They do exhibit kindness, empathy, and extreme intelligence in transmissions through the computer. Io’s group culture is of the Homo Sapiens Variety.

“Based upon the input from Jo, his hair is brown and the female Io has red hair. (Red-haired individuals claiming to be Star Travelers have shown up here in Albuquerque on the ground). They did give indication that bodies of their group are here in Albuquerque in cryogenic containers. The location is tentatively the FAA complex north in Albuquerque. It is a fenced and guarded highly secure area. They indicated through the computer that 8 of the Eoku were shot (by the US Government) and 11 bodies were the result of crashes. (Note: the Eoku are not what are normally known as Greys, or at least the ones that directly interact in human abductions).

“There are more bodies in storage that. I don’t know where they all are. I knew the bodies had been moved from Maryland and are presently under US Navy jurisdiction. Yesterday, the computer indicated a total of 40 bodies (had been moved)

Editor Note: At last count there were more than 135 bodies in Government hands of various descriptions. Some humans, Greys, Reptilians, etc.

“I was shown a color photograph by Richard Doty two years or more ago of a purported alien life-form held prisoner. Supposedly it was taken at Los Alamos. He was alive - a light green color - big eyes-standing directly in front of the camera. If he was from Io’s group he would have been Eoku.

“So far I know very little about the High except for what I have experienced. They are Homo Sapiens, and I would guess that they are the same that accidentally zapped Travis Walton. If the numbers are correct out of the computer they number over 5,000. The other group is, I believe, equivalent in number. Indications seem to be that they are operating from a star ship in far orbit around the Earth.

“The culture has apparent social values and emotionalism. They seem to display kindness and concern for individuals. Their technology is superior to ours and also to the Greys based in the north, who are trying to “play God” with badly distorted logic.

“The “Very High” are very few in number. Their entire structure of knowledge and social interaction is so far advanced that it is near impossible for me to relate to. They are of such an advanced state that if you confronted one with a weapon they would let you shoot them rather than harm you. Again, much of this is based on personal experience of which I have never talked with anyone about. In fact, you are the first.

“I would guess that these “very high” are quite old - 1000 years is not apparently unrealistic. I would guess that there are a few of them on the star ship used by the “high”, and that they are preserved and cared for by those on the ship.

“What is happening is that the Eoku and the Greys are flying missions for them. I would guess that they function, in a sense, as the “eyes “ of the higher culture.

“Now, let’s expand further. Billions of years ago what are now the “very high” reached a level where they understood how to create and modify life forms to the extent where they create human or near human forms. They created the cloned species known as the Greys. The Greys were created as vegetarians and were given high metabolisms to offset heat loss. They (apparently) then created humans and included emotionality and physical characteristics appropriate for Earth.

(Recall that the Government has stated that “the Greys” claim to have created the human matrix. If the above is true, then it is actually the controllers of the Greys who created it)

“For over 300 years, a conflict has been going on between the Greys, who are basically warlike and aggressive, and the higher factions in the infrastructure.”

Editor Note: Bennewitz does not mention interactions between any of these cultures and the Reptilian humanoids, who are known to be enemies of the Greys. It seems that the Reptilian humanoids, who are allegedly on their way here into our system, will perhaps “cross the line” with the “very high” whenever and however they interact with humans.

The Reptilian humanoids have-not-been-en masse for a long time. They are reportedly very regimented and consider humans a sub-species usable for slavery and as a food source. The Reptilian humanoid Elite allegedly have winged appendages on their backs and are apparently resented by the lower class of the species, many of which remained here when the main body left.